Reynolds Financial Group, LLC is affiliated with several national and local member organizations & supports both local and worldwide


Affiliates: Financial Resource Alliance (FRA), and SAGE Scholars are national affiliates. Financial Resource Alliance is a national group of seasoned

professionals in the financial services industry consisting of independent financial advisors, certified public accountants, and estate planning attorneys.

  These professionals share their knowledge and successes with one another on the behalf of helping their clients achieve their financial goals. In the

area of education, our affiliation with SAGE Scholars gives our firm the advantage of offering our clients tuition rewards as an option.

Reynolds Financial Group, LLC believes in supporting our local community.  We have been actively involved with many community organizations as a

resource to their members in the area of financial planning.

Charities: We are thankful to support both local and worldwide charities. These outreach and missionary organizations, which are included in the listing

of Reynolds Charities, minister to the basic needs of the poor and destitute.They also help with disaster relief, freedom from addiction, building churches,

schools, hospitals, & most importantly sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.